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The secret of shirts that make your skin beautiful ~I want you to experience beautiful skin care just by wearing it~

Beauty, skin care, moisturizing, beauty (arms)

  • "Skin is sensitive and prone to skin irritation and inflammation"
  • "The T-shirt becomes shabby"
  • "I want beautiful skin"

Do you have any problems like this?
hiromiyastore's beautiful skin shirts are made from carefully selected T-shirts made from 100% natural materials , based on the desire to solve these problems.

■ 100% natural! Characteristics of beautiful skin T-shirts

  • Undergarments are hard to see through
  • Safe for sensitive skin, sensory/tactile hypersensitivity, atopic dermatitis, and sensitive children because it is made of 100% natural materials that do not use chemical fibers.
  • Moisturizing properties that protect moisture from dryness
  • Resistant to fading even after washing
  • Cool in summer and warm in winter
  • Prevent sweat and odor
  • Inkjet printing (DTG) faithfully reproduces art with vivid colors and subtle contrasts

■Do you know that clothes can cause rough skin?

Generally speaking, most of the T-shirts on the market use synthetic fibers such as polyurethane, nylon, and rayon, and even luxury brands that cost tens of thousands of yen use this as a matter of course.

The reason why so many manufacturers use chemical fibers is that they are easy to handle and can be mass-produced cheaply.

Comparing the price of synthetic fibers and natural fibers, the price difference is about 2 to 7 times.

For this reason, manufacturers are using synthetic fibers all the time, but consumers who wear them have a big problem!
that is

Synthetic fiber loss

is! !

Synthetic fiber loss is caused by the fact that chemical fibers do not suit the skin, and when underwear comes into contact with the skin, the skin becomes rough and inflamed.

Symptoms include dry skin, redness, itching, rashes, eczema, and contact dermatitis.

Why does the skin cause such inflammation just by touching the skin with clothing made of chemical fibers?

This is because chemical fibers always generate static electricity!

This is because chemical fibers tend to be charged with a negative charge, whereas skin tends to be charged with a positive charge.

Static electricity is generated when the chemical fiber, which has a negative charge, and the skin, which has a positive charge, come into contact.

Have you ever felt the static electricity that pops when you touch a doorknob in the dry season?

When you wear clothes that use chemical fibers, there is always that kind of irritation between your skin and your underwear.
Symptoms such as dry skin, itchy skin, rashes, eczema, contact dermatitis, and other skin irritations and inflammations appear.

Also, if you keep wearing it even though it is red due to friction, it may turn dark in the future, so be careful.

On the other hand, hiromiyastore's T-shirts, which are made from carefully selected 100% natural materials, do not use any chemical fibers, and are made by carefully picking cotton flowers that belong to the mallow family of plants. Made of 100% cotton, a natural material that is said to be gentle on the skin.


Why does hiromiyastore stick to 100% cotton?

This is because cotton feels completely different from other materials.

Cotton is a material that does not easily generate static electricity, is soft, and has rounded ends, so it does not irritate the skin and is very gentle on the skin.

It is soft to the touch and has a very good texture, so it can be safely worn by babies and those with sensitive skin.

Also, in hot weather, don't you feel stuffy and sticky due to sweat?

If you leave damp or sticky clothes, it will cause odor and rough skin.

However, hiromiyastore's skin-beautifying T-shirts are very absorbent and breathable.

The cotton used in the carefully selected T-shirts at hiromiyastore has a hollow core that can hold a lot of moisture, so even if you sweat, it will be absorbed well and won't remain on your skin.

In addition, this cavity allows for good ventilation, and the absorbed moisture is released to the outside, so it is very breathable and does not become sticky even when you sweat, and it maintains a smooth texture.

In addition, this excellent breathability lowers the temperature, so you can feel cool.

In addition, hiromiyastore's beautiful skin shirt keeps warm air and humidity from escaping by wearing a jacket over a beautiful skin shirt in winter,
It also has excellent moisturizing properties that protect the body from winter dryness and keep the skin moisturized.

Therefore, you can use it in all seasons regardless of hot summer days or cold winter days, and you can spend comfortably all year round .

I want to deliver not only beautiful skin but also peace of mind for a long time

"I bought this shirt because I really liked it, but after wearing it a few times, it's worn out and I'm disappointed..."

Have you ever experienced that?

In addition to these skin-beautifying functions, hiromiyastore's skin-beautifying shirts are made with special attention to detail so that you can wear them comfortably for a long time.

The materials used in hiromiyastore's beautiful skin shirts are
Because it uses very durable cotton, it won't get tired even after repeated washings.
It's okay to use bleach.

Also, general clothing melts and has holes if it catches fire a little.
hiromiyastore's skin-beautifying shirt cotton has excellent heat resistance, so it does not easily melt or soften.

Therefore, small children, those who work at high temperatures such as welding, and mothers who cook a lot can wear it with confidence.

■ It's like wearing art

For general T-shirts, the image is pressed with an iron and transferred to the T-shirt.
hiromiyastore's skin-beautifying shirts are not only functional, but they are also particular about the beauty of their appearance.

By directly spraying the ink, the reality of the animal becomes very high, and it is possible to reproduce the animal that cannot be reproduced with the commonly used iron method.

  • Faithful representation of fine details
  • Beautifully expresses the smoothness of gradation colors
  • Fine expression of subtle color contrast such as shading

It is beautiful and reproduces a shirt that makes you feel like you are wearing a work of art just by wearing it.

Compared to the iron method, the direct spraying of ink is more costly, slower, and the ink tends to clog and bleed, which takes a lot of time and effort.

However, even with such drawbacks, hiromiyastore is committed to the pursuit of advanced design and beauty, and manufactures using the inkjet printing (DTG) method.

Please try it once and feel the commitment of hiromiyastore.